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Based on 471 reviews
30W-4ft Linkable LED Tube Lights

I have a 12ft wide by 40 long garage with an 8ft ceiling. I installed 6 30W-4ft Linkable LED Tube Lights straight down the middle and wow what a difference. I most certainly love the vast improvement in visibility in what once was previously quite a cave.

8’ light tubs

They where easy to install and are a lot brighter and quite haven’t used them a lot but looking forward to the winter when I’m in the shop a lot

Really like the corn bulb,such even, bright light!

Patch Cable for Linkable Tube Lights

8 Foot LED T8/T12 Replacement Tube - Ballast Bypass

Great light

I was looking for a light to, light up a certain amount of area on the acreage and this light did that and more. Very happy with this light. I received light in 1 week of ordering, very good service

Led 18w tubes

I installed the 18w tube into a t8 ceiling fixture in my kitchen. All the light did was pulse on and off. ?????

Amazing quality

It's way brighter than i expected, it is a high-quality product!

Good bukbs

Other than fairly vague installation instructions, a god product.

It's a 12V light but does not come with transformer to be able to apply into regular house 120 for the price of them that kind of pisses me off

Hi Josh, sorry for any confusion. These lights are for 12v use. If you'd like something to use in your home check out the 30w or 50w. There are 120vac ready.

Thanks for the feedback.

50W - 4ft Linkable LED Tube


Very bright, easy install

The futures so Bright!

Now I see the light! My garage is so much brighter then it was, these lights were so easy to install, just screwed them in like a normal bulb. Would and have recommended them to others.

36 Watt LED Corn Bulb

The 80W tri-light meets all expectations for the shop. Will likely get two more 60W for the garage.

Excellent Lighting

Easy to install--just remove the ballast and wire up the tombstone's direct

8’ Led Tubes

Lights are nice and bright. Being 8’ long they sag just a bit in the middle but I just put white straps under them and you don’t even notice it. It’s so nice not hearing the humming of the ballast too. I messed up when ordering them and ordered the single pin connectors and had to buy replacement sockets but still very easy to wire up and install.

Hi Aaron, thanks for the great review. If you still have the tubes that these lights shipped in there is a small clip for the middle of the light in one of the end caps. Once installed this will prevent the sag in the middle of the tubes.


4 Foot T8/T12 LED Tubes

Gotta love these tubes. No energy waste through the ballast and bright as sunshine.

60W Tri-Light
Doug p.
60 W TRI Lights

My garage is approximately 25 by 35 ft with 16 ft ceilings. I put in 5 of the 60 watt tri lights and it made an incredible difference. I fully recommend this lighting for a high ceiling garage.

30W linkable LED tube

Our basement has a 7-foot ceiling and the lighting was the old fluorescent double tube that hangs down 6-inches. Your tube lighting is super compact -- drops down less than 2-inches -- and suddenly we can see clearing at our work benches.


It took us a bit to figure out what we needed to do with the wiring but once we did it was really slick after that

60W Tri-Light
Dean B.

Very bright, can actually see in the cattle shed now vs the old incandescent or led bulbs

150W LED

Nice bright lighting just like daylight

150 watt Led

Great lights,very happy customer!

Great lighting

Easy to install Provide the light I need for building and painting kitchen cabinets A necessary and integral part of the work