Wholesale LED Lights

Canadian Electricians and General Contractors

We supply: garage, shop, outdoor, commercial & industrial LED lights at wholesale prices.

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▶ Offer your clients "free to try*" options with our 100% money back guarantee

LED lights are a high quality upsell that pay for themselves in cost energy savings.

We can help you calculate savings for your project so you can give your client an exact amount of time for their LED light investment to pay for itself.

We work with our wholesale partners to ensure your corporate clients can maximize their investment using appropriate provincial and federal energy rebate programs (when available).

Your clients will love the improvement in light quality, cost savings — and the 3 year warranty backing their LED light purchase.

Contact us about setting up your account and ask about sample prices.

▶ Competitive payment terms and wholesale LED prices

We work with wholesale partners of all sizes on many types of jobs.

From industrial, commercial electricians and general contractors to one man contracting companies looking to offer their customers bright and energy efficient LED lighting.

We offer competitive margins on quality LED light products you can trust.

Delivered on time and budget. We are dedicated to our partners project success. 

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