Warranty Terms & Conditions

LevKom Lighting referred to as (“Levkom Lighting”) warrants, to the original end customer hereby referred to as the (“user”), each of our current model AC LED light fixtures hereby referred to as the (“product”) to be free from defects in materials and workmanship that would render the product inoperable or unserviceable, for five years (60 months) from the date of purchase.

Proof of purchase must be presented and replacements are non-negotiable, non-transferable, and subject to the following terms and conditions.

If the product fails to operate during the warranty period, Levkom Lighting will, at its option, replace or repair the product at no charge. This warranty does not include offers of cash or credit, guaranteed sales, product swaps, or any compensation of any type except for the replacement or repair of the same product as that which is covered by the warranty. Levkom Lighting will not be responsible for device damages or replacement to devices which hold the product or the product is a part of. Levkom Lighting is not responsible for freight, packaging or handling fees, labor costs of product removal, disposal, replacement or installation.

Warranty Period (60 Months)

Levkom Lighting warrants the product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 60 months from the date of purchase. If the product is not available, a comparable product may be provided at the sole discretion of Levkom Lighting.

Terms And Conditions

This warranty only applies when the product is properly installed and used in accordance with Levkom Lighting’s specifications and operating instructions, and the original product identification number or manufacturing code is intact and unaltered. Product must only be used in environmental conditions (including electrical, temperature and humidity) within the normal specified thermal, electrical and moisture operating range as specified by Levkom Lighting for that product.
This warranty excludes failures resulting from abuse, acts of God, fire, vandalism, or civil disturbances. This warranty does not apply to any abnormal use or modification of the product or use for which the product is not intended or use in violation of any applicable standard, code or instructions for use in installations, including those contained in the latest version in Canada, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). This warranty will not apply in the event of conditions demonstrating abnormal use or stress, including thermal, electric, under/over voltage/current conditions, excessive switching cycles or operating hours, or conditions outside of the following recommended operating conditions including:

  1. Any ambient operating temperature that exceeds: -35c to +50c
  2. Operating above or below the rated AC voltage or AC current
  3. Operating in a damp or wet location unless specifically stated on the product label for such use


Any repair, alteration or modification of the product, the product identification number or manufacturing code, including replacement of any product components with components of other manufacturers, will void the warranty in its entirety. This warranty expressly excludes damage or defects caused by or arising from any damage from improper use, misuse, or neglect including:


  1. Any damage which results from repair or maintenance operations by methods other than those specified by Levkom Lighting.
  2. Any product which has been operated in a non-compliant manner or conditions.
  3. Any damage which results from misuse or use beyond the limitations or the intended purpose specified by Levkom Lighting, such as electrical, thermal, humid, stress, pressure, or physical overloading, or any damage due to use under abnormal conditions.
  4. Any damage resulting from modification or installation in other products in a way not approved by Levkom Lighting which has any influence on the function and/or performance of the product.
  5. Any damage which results from operation other than that specified for the product, either intentionally or by error.
  6. Fading or decreased performance or appearance of electrical components, deterioration of physical surfaces, deterioration of metal and plastics, and rusting due to the passage of time.
  7. Normal phenomena such as noise, vibration or electrical discharge which are considered by Levkom Lighting as not affecting the quality, function or performance of the product.
  8. Any damage due to improper storage, handling or transport.
  9. Any expendable replacement items.
  10. Periodical maintenance items such as cleaning, inspection and adjustments.
  11. Any repair and/or adjustment performed by persons other than Levkom Lighting, or damage resulting there from.
  12. Any repair and/or adjustment to correct improper or poor quality work previously performed.
  13. Incidental expenses incurred in the warranty claim.
  14. Any damage which results from unavoidable natural disasters, fire, flood, earthquake, collision, theft, etc.
  15. Any normal wear or deterioration, caused under normal operating conditions.
  16. Any defect to the product caused by improper installation in other products.
  17. Any expense related to installation or removal of the product from another product in which it is installed
  18. Any defect caused by improper maintenance and/or use.
  19. Any others corresponding to the common category of exclusion


Warranty Activation Process/Claims Procedure

In order to receive warranty coverage, purchaser must deliver to Levkom Lighting a valid proof of purchase and the claimed product must be sent to Levkom Lighting at the facility to be determined by Levkom Lighting personnel. Levkom Lighting may at its discretion provide the warranty replacement product in advance of receiving the defective unit.  

If product is found to be current, valid, and covered by the foregoing warranty, Levkom Lighting will provide purchaser with instructions as to how, when and where to return the warranted product for final confirmation and examination of the product. Purchaser must promptly return the product, too Levkom Lighting in accordance with such instructions. Failure to follow this procedure shall void the warranty.
Levkom Lighting reserves the right to examine all product to determine the cause of failure and patterns of usage and Levkom Lighting will be the sole judge as to whether a product is defective and covered under this warranty. All decisions are final.

Limitation Of Liability

The foregoing shall constitute the exclusive remedy of the purchaser and the sole liability of Levkom Lighting for product. No warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose is made or implied. In no event shall Levkom Lighting be liable for any other costs or damages, including lost profits or revenues, incidental, special or consequential damages. Some provinces do not allow the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations and exclusions may not apply. In no event shall Levkom Lighting’s total liability, for any reason, arising hereunder, exceed the purchase price paid by purchaser for product.


All warranty terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.