LED Light Savings Calculator


Existing Lighting



Current Wattage of Bulbs: Watt
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Current Cost of Bulb: $
Electricity Cost per kWh
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# of Bulbs Currently In Use: Bulbs
Avg. Hours of Daily Use: Hours
Labour Cost to Change One Bulb: $ per Bulb

LED Replacement Lighting



LED Replacement Lamp Wattage: Watts
Unit Cost of the LED Light: $
# of New LEDs To Be Used: LED Lights
Lifetime of LED Lights: Hours

Cost Savings Using LED Lighting
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Initial Extra Cost for LED Lights: $
Cost of "Existing Bulb" Replacement Bulbs during LED Lifespan: $
Savings on "Existing Bulb" Replacement Bulbs during LED Lifespan: $
Labour Cost Savings of Changing "Existing Bulbs" during LED Lifespan: $
Monthly Electricity Cost for "Existing Bulb": $
Monthly Electricity Cost for LEDs: $
Monthly Energy Savings: $
Total Energy Savings From LEDs: $
Payback In Months: Months
Total Savings with LED Lights: $